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Crystal Energy Healing


Crystal Healing Therapy is a practice that involves placing crystals/stones on or around the body to draw out negative energy and infuse positive energy.  Crystal Healing Therapy supercharges the mind, body and spirit; helping to restore balance and relieve stress and anxiety.  At Love and Light With Purpose, we offer several different crystal healing services to unblock energy, balance the chakras, relieve stress, lift the spirit, ground and reconnect.  Crystal Healing Therapy in non-invasive, calming and deeply relaxing.  

Add the Crystal Far Infrared Mat to your session.  Just ask Wendy and check out the link to find out more information.

What to Expect 

during your Crystal Energy Session 

All Crystal Energy Sessions are as unique as the individual receiving the treatment.  Crystal Energy Sessions are done in a quiet room with soothing music playing.  The client is lying, fully clothed, on a massage table (with or without the crystal far infrared heat mat).  Wendy works with the client's auric field, a few inches above the body, with some gentle touch if needed. After an aura scan, to check the client's current energy flow and potential blockages, is completed, crystals are placed on and around a client during their session.  While everyone has their own experiences during their sessions, a consistent feeling among most clients is a deep sense of comfort, release of stress and deep relaxation.  Clients also say they feel much lighter.  This is due to the cleansing of the energy field.  

Crystal Energy Sessions will help break up energy blockages in the body and cleanse the energy field.  This is a HUGE detox.  Days after a Crystal Energy Session, clients have felt a little sluggish, experienced chills or felt like they were catching a cold.  This is completely normal and are signs that the body is detoxing.  

Crystal Energy Healing Circle

Crystal Energy Healing Circles are a great way to receive the benefits of amazing crystal energy with the support of friends and cOMmunity.  Loving and helping each other as we move forward on our journeys.  


Crystal Energy Circles make a memorable Girl's Night Out, Birthday Party, Couple's Date Night, Teen Group Outing.  



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