• loveandlightwithpurpose

A New Year.

A new year. A good time to step forward. Move past obstacles or things standing in your way. A time where we can reflect, acknowledge and let go.

Reflection can be a very powerful tool in removing obstacles that keep us from being our true selves. To reflect, one must journey back in time. Remembering painful instances in their journey. Remembering, acknowledging how it made you feel and letting it go. It’s a damn hard thing to. Sometimes, it’s almost paralyzing.

Reflection isn’t always scary, painful or heart wrenching. Reflecting on the good that has happened is a great way to keep the positivity flowing. You may look back at a time when you were extremely happy and wonder, “what was I doing to feel this good?”. Or maybe remembering a time when you were at your healthiest. What changed? Has it changed for better or worse? Reflection is important to see how far you’ve come and to look at the growth you’ve achieved and goals you’ve accomplished.

This year, I wish you peace; peace in your heart, peace in your mind, peace in your soul. I wish you health; a healthy mind, a healthy heart, a healthy body. I wish you love; love for yourself, love for others, love for the world. I wish you Light; the illumination of your heart, the brightness of your mind, the glow shooting out from the tips of your toes and bursting out of the crown of your head. The kind of glow that creates a visible aura that surrounds you and protects you. Glowing so that you are attracting goodness, abundance, joy, life, energy, love. A glow that cannot not be extinguished. A glow that will not fade or dim. A glow the entire world can see.